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Garden Guide Posters & Tool-kits for beginning gardeners

4 Garden Guides are available:

 Basil, Romaine, Carrot & Tomato.

Welcome to Garden to Plate, a website dedicated to assisting beginning gardeners with beautiful yet informative graphics on starting their own garden. This project is a collaboration between a teacher and graphic designer who both share a passion for sharing useful information in a simple and engaging way.

We take great care to provide you with both a visually stimulating experience while offering the most accurate information as simply as possible. Please, take some time to explore our website and our love for gardening and healthy eating. If you enjoy what you see, please take a moment and check out our products page and help support our cause!

About Us

Wow! We are excited to finally be bringing this idea live after (literally!) years of effort. To finally have our website go live and share our journey with you is truly a historic moment for us. Garden to Plate is a collaboration between a teacher (Rob) and graphic designer (Eric) in Buffalo, NY – a place we see undergoing its own sustainable food transformation. We hope to share with the world some of the things happening locally as well as bring ideas back to our community!

Even more, we want to use our creative skills to provide meaningful information in a new, useful, and engaging way for the sustainable food movement.

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