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…Eric is very patient with our many changes to sponsor logos, date changes, and other various issues you may come across when promoting an event. He has been able to take our simple ideas and turn them into effective imagery … Ethan

Owner, Campus Wheelworks

Latest Projects

The Process

1. Illuminate

Reviewing the goal that was initially discussed.

2. Explore

Looking for data patterns.

Then mind mapping with words and then finally with sketches.

3. Assemble & Distill

Compiling and organizing all data.

Then creation of catchy headlines & phrases.

4. Pre-Design & Sign off

After dedicated sketches of the layout and graphical elements, a basic digital greyscale wireframe of the infographic layed out. This will be shown to you, along with the Mood Board. The mood board shows off the color palette, fonts and & visual inspiration.  If you approve of these elements, we move onto the next phase.

5. Digital Design

This is where the fun begins.  We essetnailly stylize the wireframes with the mood board.

6. Test & Reinforce

At this point we want to make sure that what we have created makes sense to someone who is outside of your company as well as ours.  With your permission, we will show about 5 to 10 people the finished product to make sure the nearly completed piece translates into a an intuative learning tool.

7. Presentation & Final Approval

At this point the project is just about done.  We present the final product and if no other changes are needed, you sign off on the final, and we send over the final deliverable files.

8. Launch & Promote

If you need any assistance with promotion, uploading to your website or email services, social media accounts, etc, please let us know. We are here to support you so that this project successfully launches and carries out it’s desired effect.

About the founder of EF Creative

Hello, My name is Eric.  I am a Graphic Designer, specializing in infographics, visual information and icons.

I’m a visual person, through and through. Heck, 65% of the population are comprised of visual learners. So once I started to understand why I’ve been so magnetically drawn to infographics and icons over the years, the “why” quickly started to make sense.

I believe visual information is more powerful than we give it credit for and I’ve taken it on as my mission to communicate visually.

Want to talk about infographics, visual marketing, illustration, icons or branding?  Feel free to say hi!